Gentleman Tone for Kaltblut Magazine




Gentleman Tone was shot for Berlin based Kaltblut magazine.  The shoot was inspired by an elegant, dapper mood mixed with a young, energetic style and a focus towards strong posing, expressions and movement. We highlighted the juxtaposition between the two moods by shooting elegant looks with disheveled hair and strong posing and colourful/retro looks with groomed hair and softer, more emotion focused posing.

The Styling had a focus towards texture, including materials such as tweed, shearling, leather and wool, with a warm colour palette of blues, browns, terracotta and burgundy combined with some graphic prints. We shot with Italian brands including Ferragamo, Messagerie and Lardini and top Italian model Davide de Sciascio, known for his work with Dolce & Gabbana and Armani.

Photo Credits:

Photography: Diego Ricci // Styling: Allegra Ghiloni // Model: Davide De Sciascio // MUA: Valentina Macri


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