Becoming a Fashion Stylist – What to Bring With You to a Shoot…

Welcome back to another edition of Becoming a Fashion Stylist where I share with you the tips and tricks I have picked up while building my career as a Stylist.

Last time I shared my top tips so you can totally rock it when you start at your Styling Assistant Internship so this time I thought I would talk about what you need to bring with you to a photo shoot.

The secret to every Stylist’s success on set is her Styling Kit.  A Styling Kit is a collection of tools and products that a Stylist uses to make their outfits looks incredible in front of the camera.  I have two zippy bags filled with the essential pieces and I bring them with me to every shoot.  I don’t necessarily use everything in the kit on every shooting, but its important I always have them with me so I am prepared for any kind of wardrobe emergency.


My Top Tools…

  • Lint Roller – to remove hair and fluff, especially from black outfits!
  • Travel Sewing Kit, Needles and Pins
  • Safety Pins – in a range of sizes
  • Scissors
  • Clips and Mini Clamps – for pinning the looks if they are too big for the model
  • Masking Tape & Double Sided Sticky Tape – to this so useful as everything needs to be perfectly in place in the photo.  Especially for sticking down shoe buckles, extra long belts and bag zip tags that have a tendency to flap
  • Shoe Horn
  • Black Apron – to keep everything on your person during shooting
  • Fish Wire & Thread
  • First Aid Products, Aspirin & Tampons – to never know when someone could get sick
  • Shoe Polish or a Shoe Buffer
  • Jewellery Cloth – to polish up the jewellery before shooting
  • Glasses Cleaning Solution – to clean up sunglasses lenses
  • Elastic Bands – to tie around coat hangers to identify looks on the rack
  • Q-Tips – great if you are shooting Still Life to put inside footwear to make the shoe look fuller.
  • Blue Tack – something always needs sticking
  • Nipple Petals
  • Nude Thongs
  • Black & Nude Socks
  • Gum
  • Hand Sanitizer, Mini-Perfume, Lipstick & Nail File

And I always bring some healthy snacks on set with me like nuts, rice cakes, fruit and cereal bars so I can keep my energy up all day.

Once you start working as a Styling Assistant its really important you begin building up your own Styling Kit to bring with you on set.  Your boss wont expect you to have a full kit straight away but she will appreciate it if you arrive prepared with the most important things.  It shows a committed attitude and means if she has to leave you alone on set, you have the tools you need if something goes down.  For extra points you can store it all in a cute zippy bag so you look fashionable and prepared.

Have any questions about starting out in Fashion Styling? I would love to hear in the comments below…

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