Becoming a Fashion Stylist – How to Land a Styling Assistant Internship…

Welcome to the second edition of my new feature: Becoming a Fashion Stylist, where I will share with you some of the tips and advice I learnt while building my career as a Fashion Stylist.  For this second issue I taking it right to the beginning and talking about getting a Styling Internship.

If you want to work in Fashion Styling the best way to start is by doing an internship as a Styling Assistant. It’s really easy to want to skip this step and try to go straight into being a Head Stylist, especially if you have just finished a degree in fashion, but all the top Stylists got to where they are today by working their way through the ranks and getting as much experience as possible. There is so much to learn about Fashion Styling and the experience you will gain through internships and assisting will be invaluable as your career develops.


(photo – The Devil Wear Prada – 2006)

Here are my top tips for how to get a Styling Assistant Internship…

Decide which type of Styling you want to work in.

Fashion Styling covers so many areas so it’s best to decide which area you want to work in before you start your career path. You could be a Fashion Editorial Stylist, styling and creating features for magazines, a Film Wardrobe Stylist creating the looks or costumes worn in films and on TV, an Advertisement Stylist, creating Campaigns and Catalogs for brands or a Personal/Celebrity Stylist where you work with individual clients (famous or unfamous) and choose their wardrobe for daily life, events and public appearances, some of this also crosses over into being a Personal Shopper. Of course it is possible to do a combination of these areas of Styling, which is what I do. But before you start its good to have an idea of which areas interest you, so you can make sure you are assisting the right kind of Stylist.

Prepare your CV & Portfolio and start contacting.

Get in touch with Fashion Stylists and the styling department of magazines and ask for some experience. Be prepared that it may begin infrequently, with the Stylist just calling you when they need you for shoot days or busy periods. But once the Stylist begins to trust you and sees how hardworking you are, they may start to offer you more regular work. Top tip – its best to contact Stylists and magazines whose aesthetical style you really admire as you will learn a lot more and get more from the experience – there is no point contacting a sports stylist if you are interested in high fashion for example.

Believe in yourself and devote yourself to your dream.

The Styling world is extremely competitive and also very fast paced. People don’t always have time to be nice and sugar coat things and you will face a lot of rejection on the way. So stay positive, believe in yourself and stay committed to your dreams. You will get there in the end.

Eat, Breath and Sleep Fashion.

Learn as much as there is to know about fashion. Read fashion magazines as much as possible and learn which ones you love the most and why. When you see fashion editorials you like tear them out or make a Pinterest board of them and study who was the stylist and photographer. Learn about fashion designers and their collections, fashion throughout history and which celebrities are fashion icons and why.  It’s all stuff you need to know to do your job well and its very inspirational.

Be professional and shine. When it comes to your interview, dress well, be on time, don’t play with your phone and be willing and enthusiastic to start your new internship.  The Stylist will see how great you are and will be excited to have you on board.

Good Luck xx

Want to learn more about becoming a Fashion Stylist… Check out the third issue of the feature Becoming a Fashion Stylist – Top Tips to Becoming a Styling Assistant


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