What living in Italy has taught me about style…

I have been living and working in Milan for just under two years now.  Before moving here I had done a lot of travelling (mainly around South America and Asia) and these experiences have taught me a lot about the world and who I am.  But I think by actually living in a country for a long period of time you can learn so much about the culture and way of life.

Being in Italy has taught me about food, the language (though I still have a long way to go on that front!) emotion, creativity and new perspectives on how to live life.  Living in one of the fashion capitals of the world has also taught me a lot about Style.  In no particular order, below I share with you some of the best things I have learnt.

Italian Style Tips

1. ALWAYS wear good shoes.  May it be boots, heels, loafers or sandals – invest in high quality leather shoes.  They last much longer than anything from the high-street and lift your outfit up to another level of stylish.

2. The same applies for Handbags.  Ok they are expensive, but instead of buying 10 high-street handbags at £40 a go, buy one designer bag for the year.  Having a beautiful bag and pair of shoes as the base of your look makes a huge difference whatever you team it with.

3. Shop in Sample Sales and Outlets.  Being all about fashion, Milan and the surrounding area is full of outlet stores and secret Sample Sales and they are absolutely amazing for bagging designer pieces at 50-70% off.  I like to buy my key pieces here to get something beautiful and timeless and then mix these with cheaper, trend focused pieces from the high-street.

4.  Minimal make-up is more beautiful.

5. But always have painted nails and lipstick to add that flash of colour.

6. Don’t use fake-tan, just spend more time outside in the sun.  Its better for your skin and gives you a more natural glow.

7. Look at quality and craftsmanship when you shop.  It doesn’t matter if the piece costs £10 or £1000 or what brand it is.  What matters is how it is made and the quality of the fabric.  If something is well made from a beautiful material it will look one million dollars even if it really only cost ten. Especially when worn with your beautiful shoes and bag…

8. If something doesn’t fit perfectly take it to a tailor and have it adjusted to your size.

9. Independent shopping is the way forward.  At home I used to always shop in the big, chain fashion stores but in Italy most businesses are still independently owned.  This means there are more pretty boutiques and unique fashion brands and when you buy something you know everyone else won’t be wearing the same as you.  Check small boutiques, cool weekend markets and shops in the artsy neighborhoods to discover some special pieces.

10.  Its all about looking elegant but effortless.

Catch you soon for more of my Italian adventures. xxx

Want to learn more about my thoughts on Style… Check out my post ‘A Fashion Stylist’s Guide to Dressing with Style’


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