Secret Milan – The Antonio Marras Concept Store



This week I visited the Antonio Marras Concept store on Via Cola di Rienzo in Milan.

I love Antonio Marras and have wanted to visit this place since reading about it. As I mentioned before I have recently written a list of things I want to visit around Milan and this place was top of that list.

The store is located inside a converted factory and stepping inside felt like entering into a magical world. Just like the designs of Antonio Marras the shop is beautiful, creative, pretty and full of fantasy.

As well as the incredible clothes there is vintage teacups, playful wall paintings, antique furniture, candles, ceramics and a floor to ceiling circular book shelf with art books piled high (my dream!)

Everything together creates such a beautiful atmosphere and the more you look around the more beautiful details you will discover. The perfect way to spend a morning in Milan. You will leave feeling truly inspired.

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2 thoughts on “Secret Milan – The Antonio Marras Concept Store

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