Positive Vibes – Love for 2015


For me 2014 was a really good year.  I graduated from university and then moved to Milan.  If 2013 had been full of final year stress and doubt about the future, 2014 was the year I began to discover what I wanted to do with my life and imagine the future I wanted.  It has been an exciting time and I have felt myself growing as I discover what I want.  At university I was always unsure about which career I would like to pursue, but throughout my experience as a Styling Assistant I have become certain this is where my future lies.  It is an amazing feeling to be working at something I feel so passionate about.  As I reflect on the year I feel grateful for this sense of direction.  In 2014 I also managed to travel extensively, spend time with family and friends, see new places and experience new things – all of which I am very thankful for.

Moving into 2015 I have been thinking about how I wish to build on these feelings to make this year even better and I have decided my overall goal for 2015 is growth.  Essentially, I want to spend the year growing more as a person and further improving my life and career.  To do this I have set myself several resolutions based around this theme which are;

1. Confidence

Mainly in regards to work.  I want to have the confidence in myself to take on new things and bigger projects.  I think the more I do the more I will increase my skills which keeps me open to new opportunities.

2. Learning

I want to improve my Italian.  And I also want to join clubs to start a new hobby and meet some new people.

3. Creativity

I plan to push myself to be more creative both through my work and also in my free time.  I always find doing something creative is very therapeutic and relaxing.

4. Valuing

This is both to value the things I already have in my life and also to value myself more.  Taking some time for myself each day (even just five minuets) to check in and be in touch with how I am feeling.  This might be having a bath, burning incense, or even turning off my phone after 10pm.  Something small but something for me.

5. Exploring

I think this one will be the easiest for me! In 2015 I want to keep exploring, traveling, experiencing, and doing.  This could be taking some trips, seeing the city more, going to exhibitions, trying new foods and always having more fun.

Now we are into the third week of 2015 and I can say it is going well so far.  I am hopeful I can stick to this resolution all year! Have you stuck to your resolutions for 2015? I’d love to hear about your goals in the comments below…

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