What to pack for an Assistant Styling job in Amsterdam.

Today I am travelling back to Amsterdam to spend the week assisting my key stylist.  I was in Amsterdam last week assisting with the prep work for this shoot, so I am excited to see the result of our hard work.

To make life easier I am only traveling with carry-on luggage, but this means I have to be super-smart in my packing as I need to fit everything into a little bag. For this job I need to arrive at the studio each day looking stylish but it’s very important I am in comfortable, easy to wear clothes.  We will be super busy on set all day and there will be no time for any wardrobe malfunctions of my own!

As Styling Assistant I will be moving rails of clothes, steaming the looks, changing the models and making sure anything my key stylist might need is in the right place at the right time.  Lots of walking around and physical movement.  I already follow some general rules when dressing for styling work.  These include: NEVER wear heels – only flat shoes, always wear trousers –  there is too much bending and lifting to be wearing a skirt or dress, wear minimal jewellery that wont get caught on things and take a big handbag to fit everything important inside easily… It was with these in mind that I packed this morning.

Here is my packing list for six days in Amsterdam…

Flux Adidas Sneakers. I LOVE these shoes so much. I can be on my feet all day and they are super comfortable to wear.  Plus with a graphic flower design and fluro details they are also really cool.

– Leather Brogues. Cute, comfortable flats and more stylish than sneakers.

– Leather Pants. I am loving my new leather pants this season.  They pair great with lots of things and are easily dressed up or down.

– Slouchy tailored trousers. They look smart but the slouchy design makes them super comfortable to wear when I am running around all day.

– Seven tops.  I packed a mix of two shirts, two blouses, one skinny polo-neck sweater, one t-shirt and one jumper.  My tops range from smart shirts to casual t-shirts and go well with the leather pants and the trousers so I can mix things up a bit.

– Jewellery. I brought my Marc Jacobs watch, Vivienne Westwood studs, pearl pendent necklace and silver Tiffany & Co necklace.  They are small so wont get in the way when I am working but add a little extra detail to my outfits.

– Sleep shirt.  For when I am chilling in my hotel room.

– Cosmetics. As well as the usual cosmetics I always make sure to pack my Lush Blueberry Face Mask to freshen up my skin after a busy day and some bright nail varnish and lipstick to brighten me up if I am feeling tired!

– Electronics. iPhone Charger, MacBook, and GHD’s.. because I cannot travel without them.

Marc by Marc Jacobs shoulder bag.  This bag is great because it’s black and so works well with lots of outfits and is soft leather so can be rolled up to fit inside my suitcase.

– Book. Memoirs of a Geisha – really good read!

And that’s everything.  What are your packing essentials when you go away? Let me know if the comments below…


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