How to explore a European city when you visit for work…

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Last week I was lucky enough to be sent to Amsterdam to assist with the prep work for an upcoming campaign shoot.  The project was very nice and it was my first time working with this client so I was excited for the new experience with them and to see what I could learn.  At the same time I was also really looking forward to visiting a new city.
I have done quite a lot of travelling during my university years and think I am quite good at exploring new places and making the most of my time there.  Saying that, this trip was only my second time travelling for work, a totally different experience from my backpacking trips.

Since Amsterdam is a European city that has always been high on my travel bucket list I wanted to make sure I made the most of my visit while also being super focussed on work.  I came up with these ideas to make my stay amazing and productive and thought I would share them with you guys to.  Hopefully they are helpful next time you are away for work…

1. Research the city’s top sites before you go and decide upon one or two things you really want to see.  For me if was the Nine Streets (nine little streets filled with cool boutique shops) which I managed to explore on my last afternoon before my flight home.

2. Make the most of your evenings.  I wanted an early night so I was fresh for the next mornings work but I tried to do one nice thing each evening for an hour.  Explore the shops, find a local restaurant, stroll around a nice neighborhood… its surprising how much you can see and learn about the city.  Plus its a good way to wind down after a jam-packed day!

3. Check out the closing times.  Lots of the tourist sites and museums will have one day they stay open late.  For example in Amsterdam the Anne Frank House is open till 9pm on Fridays.  Visiting in the evening could be a great way to squeeze in that sight you really wanted to see after you’ve finished your days work.

4. Get active and explore the city. Cycle, walk around, go running, just be active and move.  As I was in Amsterdam I had a bike to travel around on and I enjoyed waking up early and going for a bike ride before work or taking a detour on my way back to the hotel to see something new.

5. Try some new food.  Part of learning about a new culture is trying their food.  Even if you schedule is crazy and you don’t have time for my other ideas you can still try some local food at dinner each evening or something tasty for breakfast. I tried cinnamon waffles and ate lots of pumpkin soup, it was yum!

I hope my tips make your next trip amazing.

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