Fashion – New magazines that are totally inspiring me right now…

Recently as part of a project at work I had to do a lot of research into newly launched fashion and lifestyle magazines.  Being a total magazine lover I really enjoyed this and even found a few cool, new magazines to add to my reading and inspiration list. The main thing I noticed while doing this research, and the thing I wanted to mention today, was the number of new magazines whose aim is to promote strong, intelligent, successful women.  As well as covering fashion trends, beauty guides and style coverage – like most of the women’s magazines we are all familiar with – these magazines include career advise, interviews with incredible, game changing women, life lessons, inspirational tips, and in one, even achievement awards, where successful women recognize the achievements of other successful women and write an article about how they are an inspiration. As well as including all of this, the magazines are beautifully designed, feminine and creative. To me, they really represent a strong, driven, intelligent women who is chasing her dreams, while also being beautiful, stylish, sexy and feminine. And I really think all of this is absolutely and totally great! When I think back to the magazines available in my teenage years (so only about five years ago!) all I can remember are trashy, gossip magazines bitching about celebrities being to fat, or being to thin, or for having too much plastic surgery or for not being pretty enough without make-up. Or really, just spreading hateful, normally untrue stories about celebrities troubled personal lives.  I never enjoyed reading them because I always found the underlying message to be so negative, and I think they promote really terrible attitudes and role models! That is why I love these new magazines so much.  I think they help to unite us as women, celebrate our strengths and achievements, and help encourage a future of even more amazing and powerful women who will have a huge impact on the world.  My favorites are Porter Magazine, (launched this year by online retailer Net-A-Porter, set up by incredible business women Natalie Massenet) Lone Wolf, Riposte and Vamp Magazine, to name but a few.  I really encourage you to look out for them next time you are browsing in your local book store and I hope you love them as much as I do!

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